Give the gift(s) of West Town this holiday season. The New Year bundle is everything you could need and want to kick off your "new year, new me" OR "new year, same me" routine, because lets face it, we all know that the best habits start with feel good purchases. Go ahead, indulge! Valued at over $140, this Holiday Bundle features 5 of West Town's favorite things and will come in a brown paper package tied up by strings.

The New Year Bundle

  • Custom Printed Pullover Sweatshirt by The Fox Club Chicago: Nothing beats a soft cozy pullover sweatshirt as the weather cools. Printed on our favorite fluffy Alternative Apparel sweatshirt, this lightweight baby will be your new go-to. This classic surf staple looks great over your bikini as the evening as the beach gets chilly and is a necessity around the campfire. Bold neon red and black graphic on a classic white or baby pink sweatshirt or neon red with white graphic on a black sweatshirt. Printed in small batches in Chicago, IL. 50% polyester 46% cotton 4% rayon support a small business and stay cozy forever. -- Recipient may exchange for preferred color or size in person at The Fox Club.

    Potted Succulent Set from Marguerite Gardens: 5.5” retro glazed ceramic pot, planted with an assortment of succulents. Perfect for loving but forgetful home garden enthusiasts.

    2 Dance Classes at Flux 02 Dance Studio: This dance-inspired workout studio will make your body flow in a way that feels good, not forced. Classes combine cardio dance intervals that will strengthen, tone, and flex your body. Enjoy your time dancing without realizing that you are actually working out, because workouts are not meant to be boring. It's all about having fun while working out.

    Soy Wax Candle from Virtue Alchemy Candle Co. (Chicago Makers Pop Up Shop): Each Virtue Alchemy Candle Co soy wax candle has a fragrance named after a Virtue and comes with a unique affirmation. The labels are hand painted with watercolor to connect to a specific chakra to promote balance and harmony. Infuse your daily routine with aromatherapy and a few minutes of Mindfulness to beautify your life and make time for yourself.

    Stay Lit Combo by Sol Chicago: Enjoy a Shake and Tea Combo from Sol Chicago. Shake (24oz plant based protein, 21 vitamins, 200 cal, 9g sugar), Tea (B-12, green tea blend, aloe, echinacea, epicor, vitamin C & D, electrolytes)

  • West Town Holiday Bundles are not available to be shipped and will be available for pick up at the West Town Pop Up Project at 1819-21 W. Chicago from 12/15-12/23, 12:00p.m.-6:00p.m. daily. If you prefer to schedule a pickup date and time, contact us at

    All items are available to be shipped when purchased directly from the independent businesses listed in the "featured item description."